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Based in Copenhagen and in the Canary Islands. The workshop is wherever we get the work done.

Its a magical place filled with sunshine, crazy stuff, fluffy things and good people.

It's where the heart is ... just like home.

OH/JANE is founded by the artist and designer Jane Stub Kirchhoff.

Jane has a MA from the Royal Danish Academy of Design where she studied illustration and visual communication.

She works within the field of illustration, graphic design and visual identities and was one of the co-founders of the artist collective Bob Noon.

Her work has been sold in leading design and interior stores in Scandinavia and around Europe.

Her work is represented in framed artworks, postcards, calendars, quirky card games and other illustrative products.


An all-encompassing curiosity and desire to soak it all up, characterizes Jane's approach to her creative work. 

She keeps exploring and refining her skills through studies in everything she finds inspiring from pottery,

oil painting, jewellery making to wood carving and traditional printing techniques. She is always curious

to learn and explore new fields, which she transforms and mix with her imaginative universe. 

OH/JANE is created as a creative space, a small window to the playful world as Jane lives in and an open invitation

for the world around her to follow and explore her quirky dreams, poetic characters and lovely creatures...


Be seduced and carried away but most importantly, be sure to have fun on the way.


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